New Kurt Cobain Drawing

New Kurt Cobain Drawing


I wasn’t exactly a fan of Nirvana when they first hit the music scene back in the day. My downstairs neighbor, I assuming, stole a copy of the single. It had to be just the single because he played Smells Like teen Spirit on repeat for about three weeks straight. If he had the whole Nevermind album, I’m certain he would have played another song from it, right? I was so sick of Smells Like Teen Spirit by the end of the first day, I never bought a Nirvana CD to this day. I even had a chance to see them in concert for free and declined.

Enough time has gone by since then that I can hear a Nirvana song without invoking a gag reflex. I regretfully missed ever seeing them live. Kurt Cobain was a talented guy who is gone too soon but is still an interesting figure to draw.

chadizms kurt Cobain

A new caricature drawing of the late Kurt Cobain, the singer and guitarist of the legendary Seattle grunge band Nirvana. This unique mixed media piece was created using Pigma Micron ink pens, General’s white charcoal, Prismacolor colored pencils and white gel pen on Strathmore toned paper.

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