Michael Vick Agrees to $100 Million Endorsement Deal With Kleenex® Brand

Recently released from a federal prison in Leavenworth, Michael Vick hasn’t had any shortage of endorsement deals coming his way. His first choice, and subsequently his most lucrative, has come following his post prison interview with 60 Minutes. Kleenex® Brand Tissue has signed the three time Pro-Bowler to a 23 month 100 million dollar contract.


His contract states simply that he must have a box of Kleenex® Tissues next to him during every teary eyed interview, something the company feels confident he can do. CEO and Chairman Mark A. Buthman stated that he caught the episode of 60 Minutes and in one heart felt moment; he knew right away that this is the new face of the company. Buthman said, “We know Michael Vick has used our products in prison to both wipe his tears and for clean-up on those lonely nights, but we’re confident he will put them to the use we intended them for, …wiping away those unwanted tears. Kleenex®: It Feels Good to Feel™”


Michael Vick played college in Virginia Tech and was drafted in the first round to the Atlanta Falcons in 2001. In April 2007, he was indicted in a dogfighting ring he operated for a period of five years. He plead guilty to charges and was sentenced to 23 months in Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary where he was introduced to Kleenex® Brand Tissues by his cell mate. He was released to home confinement on May 20, 2009 and has since signed with the Philadelphia Eagles following his release from the Atlanta Falcons.


Following his arrest and suspension from the NFL, Vick saw some of his endorsements disappear such as Nike, EA Sports and Coca-Cola. But since his release and signing with Kleenex®, Vick is confident he will return to full form, both in the NFL and with his endorsements. “I will get everything back and more”, Vick said as he wiped away a tear with a tissue from Kleenex®, “I have worked hard for this and I’m in talks with some companies such as Vaseline® and KY® to represent their product on and off the field the way I did in prison. Kleenex®: It Feels Good to Feel™”

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