About The Artist

Combining Realism with Caricature


Chad Michael Haskell is a Las Vegas based portrait artist whose stunning work has transcended both realism and caricatures.

His attention to the finite detail of the human face truly brings each drawing from paper to real life. Formally educated in an architectural and engineering background, Chad has moved from the constricting rules and discipline of drafting, architecture and engineering to his first true love of portraiture.

Finding in the human face, the same visual perspectives, units of measure and notation systems except on a plane free to express his own individual perspective.

Most of Chad’s work is done in ink and charcoal with a splash of color pencil sometimes thrown in but has also worked in acrylics and pastels. He likes to focus on the smallest of details, which most people would consider flaws, to bring out the true character of his subjects.

Stay in touch with Chad here or through Instagram for more upcoming projects by following him @chadizms

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