Peter North Faces Weapons Charge After Shooting Self in Leg

Adult film star Peter North is facing weapons charges after he accidentally shot himself as he walked into the Las Vegas adult social club The Green Door early last week. This accident is nothing new to North but his weapon was accidentally discharged in a no firing zone area of the club leading to an in depth investigation by Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.


According to Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department spokesperson Tom Collins, North entered the social club with his entourage wearing only sweatpants. He had his weapon neatly tucked in the front and to the left when an attractive brunette lightly brushed in front of him on her way to the Couples Lounge. As she brushed by North, she nudged the large weapon he had concealed in his loose sweat pants. He reached for the weapon as it slid away from his leg and accidentally went off. Police are also considering a disturbance charge against North for causing a panic in a public place.


Although North or the unidentified brunette were uninjured, two members of the North’s entourage were treated and released from University Medical Center for non-life threatening shrapnel wounds. Management of The Green Door is cooperating with North’s management company to take care of the extensive damages to the club.


Peter North said from his home in Los Angeles, “I walked into the club, bumped into the woman and it just went off, I didn’t even know it was loaded. I’m just glad she was uninjured and I hope my boys will be ok. They know the dangers involved from working with me, but they never thought they would be injured by friendly fire. The Green Door social club knows it was an accident because I am a professional. I hope the Police take that into consideration and drop the charges.”


Peter North was born in Canada in 1957 and moved to California in 1982 to pursue an acting career. He is best known for his documentaries on adult target practice and weapon safety. North is a member of the Adult Film News Hall of Fame and is a best selling author of the self-help book Penetrating Insights.

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