Features of Caricature and Portrait Art

Today caricature is one of the most popular forms of art. There are numerous comical representations of famous people around the world. All of these images are being made for different reasons, but one main characteristic of the caricature art is the distorted way in which the body is represented. 

Bodies come in ridiculous and funny shapes and sizes, while eyes are either too big or too small. There are also distortions in the dress, temperament, and anything else scaled down or up to large proportions. The main intention of the caricature art is to reveal someone`s personal characteristic through the comical representation of their visible features.

Caricature is not just a simple representation of something funny. Caricature is a way in which the artist expresses his views and presents the world in a way he sees it. The artist wants to achieve the comical and satirical effect on the audience. 


The main point of caricature is that this form of art is far from the real representation of someone and should not be taken that seriously. Caricature serves to tell a story from a very distorted, funny and exaggerated point of view. The intention of any caricature is to satire or to ridicule someone, but the real motivation is variable from one artist to another.

Another popular art form is the portrait art. Portraits are photos, pictures, drawings, or paintings of people that put the main focus on someone`s face. Some other parts of the body may also be included, but the most dominant aspect is the facial expression of someone. 

Portrait art can express person`s state of mind or their overall mood. Portraits usually represent the people sitting in a static position and looking directly at the artist. Portraits give a unique feeling like the picture is looking back to the people that are looking at it. That increases the connection of the portrait art with the person that looks at it.

Many years ago, portraits were long and boring affairs. One had to sit still for very long periods of time in order to maintain its same position and facial expression. Making portraits at those times was tiresome both for the artist and for the subject posing for it. 

Today, the process of making portraits is much more simplified and easier, because they can be done just by using a camera. That means they can be created in just a few minutes.

The art of making portraits has been very appreciated and recognized by many painters and art lovers. This type of art is made to last for a long time, much longer than just a regular photograph. 

Making portraits is not only good for preserving memories or for decorative purposes. In fact, portrait art pieces can serve as a great gift option for your friends or family. Portraits that contain some kind of personalized object, favorite thing, or even nature can really get many compliments from the portrait recipient and from the other viewers. 

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